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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM. ARRIVAL DATE: TBD. Eclectics celebrates its 17th in style, with a release full of invention, ambition and forward momentum. Lockdown may have confined us to our homes, but music still takes us somewhere else. It’s a fact not lost on San Francisco DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cole Odin, who lightens the mood and lifts the spirits with two new tracks: “This Kitchen Is for Dancing” and “The Warmth of your Sun”. With “Kitchen” Odin uses looping, motorik momentum and endlessly inventive guitar motifs to create a sonic landscape that’s satisfyingly familiar and yet littered with sonic signposts to new, exotic destinations. It proves that you don’t need decking or bi-fold doors to bring the outdoors indoors – you just need a soundsystem. Bristol-based producer and DJ Jack Priest puts an elasticated snap back into the beats for his blissful, bass-heavy remix and manages to find an extra minute and a half behind the toaster while he’s at it. Taking the kitchen disco into cosmic territory, the result is flawless, grown-up, slo-mo disco for the discerning dancefloor. Odin’s second composition, “The Warmth of your Sun” is a very different beast – the yin to its counterpart’s yang. Everything slows as eyes close – music for lazy days where everything sways. A warm, electric bass buzz offers a scene-setting static hum onto which guitar tones etch out shapes and highlight moods, all the time anchored by the weight of a colossal kickdrum. Fresh from the success of Cala Tarida Musica’s inaugural 12” (Mikhail Khvasko's “A Vision of Panorama”), label co-founder Adam Warped (Whisky Pickle) takes up the remix reins for “Warmth”. Picking up the pace, he twists and turns the guitar lines into new, decorative shapes to suit his dance-friendly deconstruction, one which pivots perfectly into an undulating, acidic groove. It’s a release to keep things locked down on lockdown. Stay safe.