• $13.00


For our debut release we’re proud to present a 12” from local producer Ben Winans aka ROCHE (row-shay), whose previous releases for esteemed imprints like 100% Silk, Mathematics, Hobo Camp, Jacktone and ICEE HOT have set the stage for Ben to level up with an ambient LP on new SF label Perfect Location Records and more of his psychedelic, hardware based live performances in the future!

Past live performances were the crucible for the two original tracks on this release, both being edited versions of longer live jams performed live at stalwart SF Wednesday weekly Housepitality and Legendary Bay Area 51 party Hostile Ambient Takeover.

On “Solicitude” slightly broken beats punch through your speakers as a rising, jagged melody iterates itself into your brain - we call it Maximal Techno!

Ben says “When We Danced Again” is in reference to “the first time I felt I was able to dance and smile again after losing loved ones in the Ghost Ship Fire. The track was from a live performance at Hostile Ambient Takeover, a remnant of the legendary Bay Area 51 performance space that was extremely influential in the development of our current Bay Area DIY club culture.” The track exudes emotion, drenched in anticipation, it feels as though it is meant to lift the weight off of your shoulders as it celebrates just that, a positive feedback loop that keeps rising and rising.

For the remix we’ve called on well-known local DJ and producer Lily Ackerman of the Diacritic Collective and recent resident with As You Like It. Lily has been making quite a name for herself, taking her brand of deep house and deeper techno to local audiences for a few years now. She is well respected in the Bay Area dance music community and has been gaining momentum with each step forward!

Lily’s remix of “Solicitude” tightens things up with the skill of a seasoned DJ/producer, and aims directly at the dancefloor, conjuring up visions of late nights lost in Berlin and early mornings between fog and fog machines deep in the Northern California wilderness. A great compliment to the original and a perfect way to round out our first release.