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Words that capture this resultant outcome. A spectral haze of subconscious, living rhythms. A meeting of mind-tribes. Close; Kudo; Ruscha; Tripp. Hear, the discovery of Tkil.

Such collaboration can bring powerful interests, mixing diversity with vivid psychedelic motions. Soundscapes of improvised beats, jamming intersections float and pierce the sonic sphere. Aural poetics illuminated across satellite optics, NYC-LA-NYC-LA.

The quartet creates in a non-linear, multiple level, liquid sequence. Four individuals, their subtle personality’s reiterating sonic textures to form cascading minimalist atmospheres, chimes and percussion – diffused harmonics of ethnic vortices descending endlessly. Acting as coordinates that search for their source, a purity of multiplicity is presented.

Together these are focused experiments, raga-like meditations of precious expression from artistic connotation. Visionary; subtle; mysterious. Their essence an eclectic blend of composition, a natural but technical expression of cosmic minimalism and world music influence.

The outcome is a magical encounter of artists finding a creative affinity, sweeping downstream on a rolling rhythmic magic muse, beyond a bizarre excursion to capture the thrill of modernism, moments that reach the soul of alienation and togetherness in equal, savant, infinity.